American singer-songwriter Jaime Saso was born to ramble.  He's played Flamenco guitar in the caves of Granada, tasted the East's musical offerings, and while trekking in the Himalayas, found his voice as a songwriter and began to hone the craft he'd always dabbled in.  Saso builds upon a foundation of Americana, Blues, Rock, and Pop, with cues from classic songwriters, but influenced in sound and melody by a diverse gamut of composers and instrumentalists.

And if you're still curious...

Jaime Saso is a musician who wears many hats.  As a guitarist, he’s at home fingerpicking or playing lead.  As a producer and multi-instrumentalist, he enjoys arranging and recording his own textures and collaborating with friends.  As a singer songwriter, he’s just looking to get to the heart of the matter (and hopefully get you singing along).  Born in Panama and raised in Texas, you'll likely catch him in a Stetson or Panama hat.

photo by Oh Jee Nam/Rhombi Survivor